Handi-Works™ 100 count Disposable Synthetic with Aloe Gel™ "Latex Free"

First, there was latex and vinyl. Then nitrile was introduced in disposable gloves. Now there is Handi-Works SYNTHETIC BLEND with ALOE GEL. This glove is a blend of non-latex materials that make it strong, extremely usable, and very comfortable. You are treated to a softening dry aloe that puts much less stress on the hands while wearing the gloves. The Ultra Fit disposable gloves are tough, highly flexible and chemical-resistant, and they treat your hands with aloe. The uses are many, including but not limited to painting, heavy household cleaning, working on power equipment and cars, etc.

Lightly powdered, which helps to absorb moisture. Excellent touch and feel capabilities, such as picking up small screws. Ambidextrous. Beaded cuff makes them easier to put on and take off. Value-packed in 100 gloves to a box.

  • Material Composition - Proprietary Blend
  • Lightly Powdered
  • Natural Conforming Fit
  • Cuff - Rolled
  • Sizing - One Size Fits Most
  • Gloves Fit Either Hand


 Item #   Case Pk.  Inners  Case Wgt. U.P.C.    Case U.P.C   Ti-Hi Cube
00855 6 6/1's 13 lbs. 7-50828-00855-8 1-07-50825-00855-5 15/5 .537