Handi-Works™ 30 Count Mixed Disposable 18pkg Power Panel

Handi-Works™ disposable vinyl gloves are great protection for all-purpose cleaning in and around the house. Use with normal household chemicals and cleaners. The gloves can also be used for gardening, pet care and shop or garage projects. Lightly powdered and very pliable. Can be used with either hand.

These industrial-grade disposable latex gloves come in handy for a variety of jobs. Lightly powdered and strong, yet almost feel like a second skin. High dexterity, lightly powdered and with a beaded cuff, making them easier to put on and take off. Also helps absorb moisture.

Nitrile is an artificial rubber, only tougher. These industrial-grade disposable nitrile gloves are tough, highly flexible and chemical-resistant. The uses are many, including painting, heavy household cleaning, working on power equipment and cars, etc.

 Item #   Case Pk.  Inners  Case Wgt. Case U.P.C   TI-HI

00620 18 pkgs

6 30ct. Latex
6 30ct. Nitrile
6 30ct. Vinyl

18 lbs. 1-07-50828-00620-9 4/10