Handi-Works™ 12 count Disposable Heavy Duty Nitrile Mechanics Grade "Latex Free"

This is not your regular industrial-grade nitrile. This is Mechanics Grade nitrile. Thicker, yet just as pliable and comfortable. Why thicker? Mechanics Grade is designed for users who need a glove that they can wear for extended periods of time and not worry as much about rips and tears. These gloves are more puncture-resistant and hold up longer when using harsh chemicals. Excellent elongation, and with the black color, paints and other materials that stain won't show. Great around the shop with oils and chemical cleaners. Mechanics Grade nitrile gloves are a non-latex material that is safe to use for those who have latex aversions or who work around others with aversions to latex. The uses are many, including but not limited to painting, heavy household cleaning, working on power equipment and automobiles, and gardening, just to name a few.

Lightly powdered, which helps to absorb moisture. Excellent touch and feel capabilities, such as picking up small screws. Ambidextrous. Beaded cuff makes them easier to put on and take off.

  • Material Composition - Nitrile
  • Lightly Powdered
  • Natural Conforming Fit
  • Cuff - Rolled
  • Sizing - One Size Fits Most
  • Gloves Fit Either Hand


 Item #   Case Pk.  Inners  Case Wgt. U.P.C.    Case U.P.C   Ti-Hi Cube
00893 72 12/6's 18 lbs. 7-50828-00893-0 1-07-50825-00893-7  8/8 .949