Handi-Works Cellulose Sponge Wiping Cloths

The Handi-Works Cellulose sponge wiping cloths are a General Purpose Household Wiping Cloth. Use them to clean, wipe, dust, and polish in the kitchen, bathroom, and all around the house. These durable and absorbent wipes are machine washable up to 15 times. Super absorbent and dries quickly, making cleanups quicker and easier. Handi-Works Cellulose sponge wiping cloths will make you want to push your paper towels and old cotton cloths to the side. They soak up as much as 55% more than ordinary cotton cloths, rinse clean and dry quickly for fast re-use. Can be used Wet or Dry. Inhibits the growth of bacteria and is biodegradable.

Every house should have 2 or 3 at all times!

  • Rinse and reuse up to 15 times, machine washable
  • More durable than paper towels
  • Rinses easily, dries quickly
  • Great for use all around the home, office or shop

Choose between 2 count or 4 count packages. Multi colored cloths in each package.

Other use suggestions:

  • Shine bathroom counters
  • Scrub pots and pans
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Clean up project messes and paint spills
  • Clean oven interiors
  • Polish doorknobs, handles, telephones and remote controls
  • Clean off patio furniture
  • Wipe up stovetop splashes
  • Dust off shelves and window sills
  • Polish kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures
  • Wipe down wooden and vinyl blinds
  • Clean up floor spills
  • Scrub down bicycles, golf clubs and sporting equipment
  • Clean refrigerator and freezer shelves and drawers
  • Wash dishes
  • Wipe down bathroom tub, tile surfaces and shower doors.
  • Clean Dash and Interior of Auto


     Item #   Case Pk.  Inners  Case Wgt. U.P.C.    Case U.P.C   Ti-Hi Cube
    00580 96 8/12's 8 lbs. 7-50828-00580-9 1-07-50825-00580-6 4/6 2.07
    00585 48 8/6's 8 lbs. 7-50828-00585-4 1-07-50828-00585-1 4/6 2.070