Handi-Works™ 30 count Disposable Latex Clip Strip

These industrial-grade disposable latex gloves come in handy for a variety of jobs. Lightly powdered and strong, yet almost feel like a second skin. High dexterity, lightly powdered and with a beaded cuff, making them easier to put on and take off. Also help to absorb moisture.

  • Material Composition - Natural Latex
  • Lightly Powdered
  • Natural Conforming Fit
  • Cuff - Rolled
  • Sizing - One Size Fits Most
  • Gloves Fit Either Hand


 Item #   Case Pk.  Inners   Case Wgt. Case U.P.C   Ti-Hi
00658 12 pkgs 2 Strips of 6 10 lbs. 1-07-50828-00658-2 10/10